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    1. Regimen

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      • A cool summer defeats the internal heat, secrets to relieve summer heat.

        Dog days are coming with heat, and it is hard to avoid getting inflamed. For example, when your stomach gets inflamed, you may have a stomachache, bad breath, and dry excrements. And lung inflamed may cause cough yellow sputum, while liver ...

      • Coups for mosquito repellent

        Mosquitoes are furious in summer days. You may not be able to sleep for a whole night if there are mosquitoes in your bedroom. Here are 16 coups for you to repel the mosquitoes for a better sleep.
        1. Mosquitoes only bite you in the cro...

      • Kreosote helps relieve IBS

        Hard work ,high pressure ,exhaustion ,depression will result in health problems
        People always ignore and pay no attention to such intestines and stomach problems as abdominal pain , diarrhea and constipation which is the symptom

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